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Stress why it’s important to you that you and your partner discuss finances together, and that this is just one piece of a much larger and ongoing conversation.You want your partner to know that you appreciate the openness and want this kind of exchange to continue.For many couples the hardest part is simply getting started.“I can guarantee that you and your partner won’t have the same views on finances.Quality time is giving someone your undivided attention.I don’t mean sitting on the couch watching television.

In a Northwestern Mutual study, money outranked other uncomfortable topics that included not only sex but also asking adult-age children to move out and discussing one’s own death.

Getting your partner to open up about those experiences, good and bad, can give you the best insight into how they view money and what their expectations are.” Hearing about family experiences can give you added perspective on your partner’s financial choices, or insight into why they may be reluctant to talk about money, says Ed Coambs, a marriage and family therapist.

“”Maybe they’re quiet because they grew up in a household that never talked about money, not because they’re hiding thousands in debt.” THE STRATEGY: Pose a hypothetical question.

Dialects of Quality Time Like words of affirmation, the language of quality time also has many dialects. Ask yourself, “What emotion is my spouse experiencing? Excerpt taken from The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate by Gary Chapman.

One of the most common dialects is that of quality conversation. Don’t listen to your spouse and do something else at the same time. To find out more about Gary Chapman‘s resources, visit

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